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Here's some photos of the local area around the house, all within walking distance:

Here's the view as you arrive at the parking area (it's all flat walking - often not the case on Santorini!):



Right on the walkway to the house there are several excellent restaurants:



Walk along the beach on the other side of the house, to a kayak rental place, that takes kayak tours,
and rents out Stand-Up-Paddleboards (SUP's)

Kayak rental, Santorini Beach Cave

alt Kayak, Santorini Beach Cave

Stand Up Paddleboarders, Santorini Beach Cave


Past the kayak rental place, at the far end of the beach, is another couple of great restaurants:

On the beach, Santorini Beach Cave


Here is the view from Asterias Restaurant, one of the great restaurants, with the kayakers on their way for an adventure:

Kayakers past Asterias, Santorini Beach Cave


Another few minutes walk takes you to the famous Red Beach. The walk up to the viewing point is well worth doing,
as the view is spectacular.

Red Beach, Santorini Beach Cave


If you walk in the opposite direction for just a few minutes from the house, you will find the pre-historic Archeological
site of Akrotiri. It is considered to be one of the most important sites in Greece. They spent €40 million just on the roof
to protect it!
It is famous as the best preserved Minoan village, and worth a visit. Be sure to take the guided tour for the best experience.


There are also walking trails, beach walks, yacht charters, cafes, and more to explore!


Fishing at dusk is a pleasant way to spend some time:



Sunrise can be spectacular:

Sunrise, Santorini Beach Cave



Relax and enjoy the stars at night, right outside the front door (photo taken from the outside table):

Santorini Beach Cave, stars, night, photo, boats